County Police Warn Residents about Leaving Cars Unattended while Warming

The cold weather with frigid temperatures has some residents leaving their cars unattended while warming. County Police warn all residents to never leave their cars unattended as this is an easy target for would be “Warm-up Thieves.”

Police have responded to seven (7) stolen cars since Sunday with each victim reporting they left their cars warming while inside their home.

Residents are reminded that they could be fined for leaving their cars unattended according to Delaware state law, but we want to offer a few tips to stop “Warm-up Thieves.”

  • Carry your car keys wherever you go, never leave them in the ignition, even if you leave for only a few seconds.
  • Sit inside your car while it defrosts, and never let it defrost unattended. The best method to defrost your car is to start your engine, turn on the defrost and then let the engine warm while you clear away any snow or ice.
  • Lock and secure your vehicle when exiting it.