(Devon PA)  Last weekend (October 13-15) the New Castle County Police Mounted Unit attended the North American Police Equestrian Council Training Competition in Devon, Pa.

The North American Police Equestrian Council (NAPEC) has created this prestigious training event to show police management that time spent on training was a benefit to their departments.  Promoting the use of the mount on patrol, this training demonstrates the different tasks that can be accomplished when the horse and rider build a capable partnership.

In keeping with this concept, 70 officers from across the country and Canada attended the training.  After the training sessions, the competition portion of the event began.  The officers competed in three Classes – The Police Officer and Mount Inspection, The Expert Equitation Class, and Police Obstacle Course.

Trophies and Ribbons were awarded to the top ten finishers in each class.  The New Castle County Police Mounted Unit placed in all three events:

Ofc. Shughart and his Mount Spartan placed 1st in the Police Officer and Mount Inspection.

Ofc. Annone and her Mount Warden placed 9th in the Expert Equitation Class

M/Cpl. Brown and is Mount Elvis placed 8th in the Police Obstacle Course.

Each unit was able to combine three scores For a Team Score in the Police Obstacle Course.

Ofc. Schultz and her Mount Xander,  Ofc. Shughart and his Mount Spartan, and M/Cpl. Brown and his Mount Elvis placed 4th in the Team Police Obstacle Course.