(Newark DE, 19713) Today (October 12) at 11:24 a.m., Officers from the  New Castle County Division of Police were dispatched to the unit block of Meadow Lane in regards to an unknown problem.

Upon arrival, the officers attempted to  make contact with the resident at the front door, however they got no response. While standing near the front of the residence, officers  heard yelling coming from within the residence.  Officers then attempted to enter the residence however were unsuccessful. Officers then backed down the driveway to wait for additional officers and the front door opened.   A dog resembling a pit-bull terrier exits the residence and charged at officers.  An officer backed away from the driveway and attempted to kick the dog to get it away from him, however the dog continued its attack. The officer  was then forced to shoot one round at the dog, which caused the dog to return back into the house.

The dog was picked up by animal control and taken to a local animal hospital, where it is expected to survive.

No citizens or officers were injured during this incident.

This investigation is ongoing.