The New Castle County Division of Police is bringing awareness to community members of a THEFT TREND occurring throughout New Castle County.

(New Castle, DE 19720) The New Castle County Division of Police has seen an increase in thefts from motor vehicles and thefts of motor vehicles throughout all of New Castle County.

Detectives from the New Castle County Division of Police Criminal Investigations Unit have been conducting an ongoing investigation.  So far this investigation has revealed that juveniles and young adults will go out in groups of three or more with the intent of stealing from cars and in some incidents stealing the car itself.

Groups as large as ten to twelve people have been seen roving through communities.  These groups will typically use stolen cars during the overnight hours (midnight to 5:00 AM) to target the random neighborhoods.  Usually, the driver will stay in the car and the other occupants will get out on foot and begin looking for unlocked vehicles.

The thefts are occurring on varying days of the week. Communities from Claymont to Middletown and everywhere in between have been victimized.

These subjects will enter any vehicle that is unlocked looking for items of value to include change, cash, credit cards, purses, and electronics.  They are also looking for keys or a key fob to the vehicle that will allow them to steal the said vehicle.

Patrols have been increased yet we are still asking members of our community to remain vigilant.  If you see any suspicious activity call 911.

For more information on how to keep your vehicle and belongings safe please view our Public Safety Announcement from last week.