(Claymont, DE 19703) This evening (July 4), at approximately  7:30 p.m., New Castle County Police Patrol Officers  were dispatched to the unit block of Franklin Avenue in the community of Claymont Terrace  for a missing 4-year old child.

Upon arrival, the officers interviewed family members.  After a brief search, the child was located in the family’s swimming pool by the patrol officers.  The officers initiated CPR, and the child was transported to a local hospital by Emergency Medical Services.  The child was in critical condition at the time of this release.

This incident followed another swimming pool incident that occurred this afternoon on the unit block of Christiana Road.

Also today, at approximately 5:50 p.m., New Castle County Patrol Officers and Paramedics were dispatched to this unit block for a 15-year old male who was rescued from the water by a lifeguard, who was performing CPR on the victim.  This juvenile was also transported to a local hospital and also listed in critical condition at the time of this release.

The New Castle County Police insist that you take the following safety measures when your child is going to be around any bodies of water.

  • Never leave a child unattended near water in a pool, tub, bucket or ocean. There is no substitute for adult supervision.
  • Designate a “Water Watcher” to maintain constant watch over children in the pool during gatherings.
  • The home should be isolated from the pool with a fence at least 60” tall, with a self-closing, self-latching gate. The gate should open away from the pool, and should never be propped open.
  • Doors and windows should be alarmed to alert adults when opened. Doors should be self-closing and self-latching.
  • Keep a phone at poolside so that you never have to leave the pool to answer the phone, and can call for help if needed.
  • Learn CPR and rescue breathing.
  • Keep a life-saving ring, shepherd’s hook and CPR instructions mounted at poolside.
  • Do not use flotation devices as a substitute for supervision.
  • If a child is missing, always check the pool first. Seconds count.
  • Remove toys from in and around the pool when not in use.
  • Instruct babysitters about potential pool hazards, and emphasize the need for constant supervision.
  • Responsibilities of pool ownership include ensuring children in the home learn to swim, and that adults know CPR.
  • Do not consider children “drown-proof” because they’ve had swimming lessons.