New Castle County Division of Police is pleased to announce the renewal of the Heroin Alert Program. 

The Heroin Alert Program is an educational presentation offered by the New Castle County Division of Police Community Services Unit featuring emotional personal stories by guest speakers.

This presentation is suitable for high school students, community members, churches, etc.

The program will provide basic information related to the heroin epidemic, a history of heroin and other drugs commonly abused in the area, overdose statistics in Delaware and nationwide as well as how to find available treatment.

New Castle County Division of Police’s Heroin Alert Program is committed to raising awareness about the dangers of heroin, drug abuse, and the fact that it is killing our residents at an alarming rate.

For more information or to schedule a presentation please contact the Community Services Unit at 302 395-8050 or email Sunny.Allen@newcastlede.gov or William.Dejesus@newcastlede.gov

This presentation is in partnership with the New Castle County Division of Police Hero Help Program in an effort to educate citizens and provide treatment and access to resources about the heroin and drug epidemic happening in our area.

Heroin alert