New Castle County Division of Police would like to congratulate this year’s Jefferson Award winner: Major John Treadwell.

Major Treadwell won the Jefferson Award in Outstanding Service by Employees in the Workplace: New Castle County Government. The Jefferson Award honors those who multiply good. Over the past five decades, the list of Jefferson Award recipients has been unparalleled. They include hundreds of public and private national figures —more than 63,000 unsung heroes and tens of thousands of employees and young people in communities across the country. These individuals represent the good that is happening all around us in every community across the nation.

Major Treadwell began his career with the New Castle County Division of Police in 1994 and has been committed to improving the community at each juncture of his career. The quote “To Whom Much is Given Much is Required” resonates with him. He believes in paying it forward. His volunteer efforts include, but are not limited to, serving on the Board of Directors for National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), being a NOBLE Delaware Chapter member, running events for Charity Crossing and serving on their Board of Directors, and teaching at the Citizens Police Academy on his own time. He also volunteers on the statewide Crisis Intervention Committee. He trains law enforcement on how to interact with citizens in crisis and promotes whole-person wellness focusing on mental health initiatives for Law Enforcement Officers as our community members.

We would also like to congratulate other employees of New Castle County who were nominated for this prestigious award: Delilah Colon, Audrey Eubanks, Daniel Hafich, Robert Moley & Lieutenant Autumn Tuxward.

“I am proud of Major Treadwell and his dedication to serving others, both on and off duty.” stated Colonel Joseph Bloch, “The efforts of all six nominees are to be commended and are merely a glimpse of commitment to serving others frequently displayed by employees of the Department of Public Safety and New Castle County,” stated Colonel Joseph Bloch.