(Wilmington, De 19804) On March 6, 2023, members of the New Castle County Division of Police were investigating a drug complaint in the area of Maryland Avenue and East Reamer Avenue. During the course of that investigation, members of the Division’s Mobile Enforcement Team (MET) arranged to meet a male, later identified as Andrew Edelmann, to conduct a drug transaction. While attempting to apprehend the individual involved, a member of the New Castle County Division of Police discharged their firearm, striking Mr. Edelmann; he died from those injuries.  The second occupant of the vehicle, a female, was also struck and suffered a non-life-threatening injury.

Since 2015, members of the Division have been equipped with body-worn cameras to be worn while on patrol within New Castle County. The officers involved in the incident on March 6, 2023, were wearing body-worn cameras. They were activated and captured the encounter between Mr. Edelmann and the members of the Division.

The New Castle County Division of Police is governed by public-facing regulations referred to as “Directives.” According to the Critical Incident Community Briefing Policy (Directive 46, Appendix 46H), the family of the individual involved in the critical incident, in this case, Mr. Edelmann’s family, has an opportunity to view and opine on the release of any video associated with the encounter between their next-of-kin and the members of the Division. After meeting with Mr. Edelmann’s family representatives, the Division has chosen not to release any body-worn camera footage from March 6, 2023. The Division remains committed to transparency and promptly providing the public with information; however, we must balance that commitment with the wishes of the individual’s family. Notwithstanding this decision, protocol dictates that all body-worn camera footage be released by the Department of Justice – Division of Civil Rights and Public Trust at the conclusion of their investigation.

Media inquiries can be directed to Lt. James Leonard at 302-383-5417.