Update-Detectives Check on Unresponsive Driver, Recover Stolen Firearm

Detectives have learned that the man arrested on Sunday (November 6) was actually Daymien J Roberts, 36, and have charged him further for providing false information to police.

On Wednesday (November 9), County Police were notified by a State Bureau of Identification fingerprint examiner that the person being held at Young Correctional Center on firearm related charges was not Alonzo Roberts, but rather his brother- Daymien J Roberts.  Detectives completed an investigation and found that Daymien J Roberts had been posing as Alonzo Roberts using Alonzo’s identification card.

Detectives ensured that all charges filed under Alonzo’s name were completely removed.  Detectives charged Daymien J Roberts with the Sunday incident as well as identity theft, second-degree forgery and criminal impersonation.  He was arraigned and continues to be held at Young Correctional Center, with an additional $5,000 cash only bail added to the bail for the firearm related charges.  He was issued a no-contact order with Alonzo.


[Note: The original photo released, while identified as Alonzo Roberts, was actually of Daymien J Roberts.]

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