County Police Senior Roll Call Program Seeking Volunteers

(Wilmington, Del. 19805) Thursday (September 7) John McCormick, a volunteer with the Senior Roll Call Lifeline  program, attempted to call a 65-year-old female participant. She was able to answer the phone, however she was in destress and required assistance. Mr. McCormick was able to call for an ambulance on her behalf who responded to the woman’s address in the 1900 block of Lakeview Rd.

Senior Roll Call Lifeline is a free program provided by New Castle County that calls the homes of its members every day to ensure they are doing well and do not require emergency assistance.  If after several attempts the calls are unsuccessful, help is sent to the home to check on the well-being of the member.  The Senior Roll Call Lifeline program was introduced in 1995 and has helped make countless “saves” for individuals who have suffered a debilitating injury or ailment leaving them unable to help themselves.

The program is supported by volunteers who are desperately needed.  To enroll in the program or to register to be a volunteer, please call the New Castle County Police Community Services Senior Roll Call Lifeline at (302)395-8159.