(New Castle, DE 19720) Today (Aug 2) Over the last three days, patrol officers from the New Castle County Division of Police have been dispatched to an unusually high number of incidents in which a person has overdosed, and evidence of heroin/fentanyl use was recovered.

The recent overdose cases have resulted in numerous 911 responses and three individuals have died. While the cause of death for these individuals is pending results from the Delaware Division of Forensic Science, it is believed that heroin/fentanyl was a factor.

Overdose is a dangerous and deadly consequence of substance abuse. A large dose of heroin/fentanyl depresses the user’s heart rate and breathing to such an extent that a user cannot survive without medical intervention. We remind the public that if you or someone you know has an opioid or any other substance abuse addiction, please contact us for help.

Individuals can apply to our Hero Help Program, which can provide immediate access to treatment and services to assist on the road to recovery, even for those without insurance.
Citizens can call (302)395-2811 or come to the Corporal Paul J. Sweeney Public Safety Building at 3601 N. DuPont Highway New Castle, Del. 19720 to request further information and inquire about eligibility.